I want to do two separate Premier League table predictions this year. This one with how each squad looks currently, then one after the transfer window closes. Some teams have already made signings of course, but I forgot to write it before the window opened… 

The upcoming year is the most difficult prediction I’ve ever done. There are so many sides that I may get completely wrong come June 2021, which simply shows the competitive nature of the league. I’ll put explanations of my choices for where I’ve placed each side, some more in depth if needed.

1. Man City

I can’t see the top four changing and I see City coming out on top this time. It’s so hard to retain the title in England, which will hamper Liverpool. That alongside the squad depth City have should just give them the edge, especially if Liverpool pick up a few injuries.

2. Liverpool

As mentioned above, it’s very difficult to retain the Premier League. Liverpool need to strengthen their squad, their starting XI is arguably the best in the world right now, but they need more depth. The fact the Klopp will likely go for all competitions they’re involved in now they’ve won the PL will also have an effect. Their best players will play far more games and the fatigue may play a factor.

3. Man United

The red side of Manchester seem to be coming on leaps and bounds. They’ve signed well recently and will likely do so before this season starts. Bruno has filled a positional gap they’ve had for ages and is performing exceptionally. Can Ole handle the pressure though? Has he gotten away with poor runs of form because he’s a united legend? He seems to have helped his young front three get constantly better. I’m not too confident on this prediction, the two teams below could easily finish 3rd.

4. Chelsea

Lampard like Ole is a bit of an enigma, looks stupendous at times but shows inexperience in some of his tactical decisions. Personally I think the transfers Chelsea have already made are brilliant. The right positions have been strengthened and they seem on the up, consistency is key though, which they have often lacked.

5. Arsenal

Perhaps the most interesting side to watch next season. Arteta clearly has tactical intelligence which he likely learned from Pep. Their defence was always their main issue but now looks far more steady, Tierney is fantastic and signing Gabriel should really help solidify the ship. They might perform even better than I’m predicting, but they might also do an Arsenal and finish lower.

6. Spurs

They need to kick on and improve, a lot of teams around them last season overachieved and might struggle to replicate their achievements. They have the squad, Jose just needs to get the most out of them.

7. Leicester

How many seasons has Vardy got left in him? As long as he keeps scoring they’ll do alright, consistency is the Foxes’ problem. Depending if they’re interested in a European competition that isn’t the champions league, may affect how well they do domestically if fatigue plays a part.

8. Wolves

They would’ve been far lower if they qualified for Europe. They could continuously get better and challenge the top sides, they’re probably an established Premier League side now but they still need to improve where necessary. As well as keeping Nuno, essential.

9. Everton

Will they ever get back to the big time? I’m not sure if Ancelotti is the right fit for Everton despite his obvious stature, I’ve always put them higher in my predictions than they actually finish. Will they again he subdued to mediocrity or can Carlo spring a European push?

10. Burnley

Steady and reliable, might push for Europe but likely just another top 10 finish. That should still please Burnley fans, they never get enough plaudits.

11. Sheff Utd

Risky one this, but second season syndrome will play a part for me. Following an exceptional year for the Yorkshire club, they will struggle to be that consistent again. More so if they lose Henderson which it looks like they will.

12. Newcastle

Another enigmatic club, it’ll be interesting to see if Bruce stays in the job. He might not have the same managerial flair that Benitez had but he gets the job done. A few astute signings are probably needed but the current squad can perform at a high standard, they just need to find and maintain their form.

13. Leeds

The team alongside Arsenal that gave me the biggest headache to place. Bielsa is undeniably a manager of premier league quality, their fan base trumps most premier league teams, but can their players perform against the elite like they did in the championship? They just need to survive their first year back at the top then aim for success.

14. Southampton

I thought they’d go down last season. They probably would have if Hasenhuttl didn’t come in. He worked minor miracles last season and it wouldn’t come as a shock if they avoid the relegation scrap altogether.

15. Brighton

Similar to their bitter rivals in Palace, they do well enough to stay away from relegation scares at the back end of the season. Potter also seems to be improving as a manager, which could see them exceed expectations. Is it hyperbole to imagine him as a future England manager if his competency keeps increasing?

16. Crystal Palace

Palace always seem to be involved in the relegation scraps around Christmas but do enough to avoid worry of relegation soon after. Hodgson might not have manifested the most exciting style of football, but he gets the job done. Perhaps too low, but they’ll stay up.

17. West Ham

The hammers just can’t seem to get it right, with transfers or play style.

18. West Brom

This was the toughest decision, I felt in the end that the Albion overall are weaker than their counterparts above.?

19. Aston Villa

The Villa only just stayed up last year and this year I think it will be curtains. I may change their place if Grealish stays, but that looks unlikely.

20. Fulham

Being the yo-yo club they are, it doesn’t seem they’re ever too disheartened with going up and down. Other teams in the league currently appear stronger in most departments. Sorry Fulham.