Studio albums only, which means The Masterplan isn’t included – thank god because I would have gone insane trying to rank it here. The ranking is a mixture of how good the album actually is, alongside how much I like it personally.

  1. (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

It’s close between this and Definitely Maybe, but Oasis’ second release is just better overall. Pretentious die hard fans may protest this, but Don’t Look Back In Anger and Wonderwall are undoubtedly two of the band’s greatest ever songs and certainly the most well-known. Both tunes are overplayed not overrated, a huge difference. The rest of the album as a collection trumps their ’94 predecessor.

  1. Definitely Maybe

Their debut album is simply an archetypal example of what Oasis represented in their early days and predominantly throughout their lifetime as a band, it’s arguably one of the best debut albums ever (still not as good as The Stone Roses’ though). Even so it defined a generation following its release, unlike any album had done since the aforementioned Stone Roses. Over a quarter of a decade later you still see an abundance of Liam Gallagher imitations in Manchester, mostly emulating that iconic haircut, I’d lean more towards those parodies being perceived as unfortunate rather than cool – even if we do still love Oasis.

  1. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Easily one of the most underrated albums of all time. I could easily go through every song on the album and exaggerate why they’re all brilliant, but I won’t. There’s one which for me is an honest hyperbolic metaphor for how amazing the album is, If I Had A Gun. As a song; it’s musically complex whilst feeling simplistic, meaningful in a metaphorical aspect and in an overall sense, I’d argue for hours that it’s the best song he’s ever written.

It isn’t like that singular tune defines the album on the whole however, each song personifies his melodious intelligence as a musician. Here is where he began to show his diversity and ambition in his song writing, he could’ve churned out Oasis replicas continuing to make a fortune, but his artistic side took over. Following its release certain songs adopted the myriad of plays on radio and television, it meant songs which were remarkable slipped through the cracks, such as – (Stranded On) The Wrong Beach, a dismissed belter.

An additional note, watch the music video for The Death Of You And Me. It’s an amazing song but so many people have said to me how they didn’t realise Noel hates Russel Brand, he doesn’t, they’re best mates – Brand was best man at Noel’s wedding hence the video.

  1. Chasing Yesterday

The worst name for an album Noel ever decided on, which he’s admitted since but nevertheless. In terms of the tracks as a collective, it should probably be further down on the list, but this is when the predominant Oasis songwriter began to find his own motion. The Dying Of The Light is another underrated track which expels nostalgia to the listener towards early Oasis emotive tunes such as Talk Tonight and Half The World Away.

Lock All The Doors is literally an Oasis song he wrote in the early 90’s but only managed to finish during this album’s production. Tracks such as Ballad Of The Might I and In The Heat Of The Moment were most popular and rightly so, but outliers such as The Right Stuff which although I wasn’t a huge fan of – signified the direction Noel wanted to go in.

We’ll come back to that point when we hit #8.

  1. Be Here Now

Probably the most underrated of all the Oasis albums, certainly when considering Noel’s opinion on the album (he despises it). Okay it is not as good as the two before it, supposedly due to the band’s overconfidence and excessive cocaine abuse – but it still gets unfairly overlooked.

Two of my all time favourite Oasis songs live in this ’97 release, D’You Know What I Mean? And I Hope, I Think, I Know. The latter being one of the most underrated Oasis songs in existence.

The cracks in Oasis’ togetherness as a band started to show upon this release, Noel buying a Rolls Royce despite not being able to drive and happily letting it rest in the swimming pool for the album cover shoot – has always screamed an initial seed of “I don’t give a fuck” coupled with “I’m better than the rest of you”.

Still a boss album though.

  1. Don’t Believe The Truth

It’s only above Heathen Chemistry because I’m kind of biased. When I was pretty decent at the guitar as a kid, The Importance Of Being Idle was the first song I ever learnt – which was a secondary source for getting me into Oasis properly. It came out when I was first getting into music and sport; Man City adopted the songs on this album at the time as my dad first started taking me to the Etihad, alongside other sports such as boxing with Ricky Hatton religiously playing/talking about this album during his heyday – not forgetting the blue moon rendition.

  1. Heathen Chemistry

If I wasn’t a pragmatist, this would be number one. Heathen Chemistry is the first album I ever bought; the song that made me buy it is Little By Little. I will never forget my older sister listening to the Spice Girls continuously which I hated, until one day when I was in the car with my dad and I heard Little By Little on the radio. I realised that was the shit I truly liked, I bought the album and was told by the HMV employee upon purchasing it that I should listen to The Libertines and upcoming bands Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian – well, the rest is history.

I also bought Queen’s Greatest Hits and The Killers – Hot Fuss on that day, not ashamed whatsoever – both unreal CD buys.

  1. Who Built The Moon?

It was so ambitious it was never going to work; the Pink Floyd influences were evident but stuff like Dark Side Of The Moon in its time were such an anomaly, sorry Noel it isn’t 1973 anymore, the public are condescending twats for the most parts at present – a strong generalisation but Noel should’ve foreseen it really. The success of something similar akin to Floyd in a contemporary society was impossible. No matter how good it was; there would always be the old school Oasis fanboys clinging on to the ‘90s who didn’t like change, the old school club who wouldn’t accept a modern Floyd album even if it was actually better than Dark Side or The Wall, you had to see beyond that.

Was it revolutionary like Noel wanted? No. Holy Mountain is one of the best tracks on the album but amusingly it still sounds like a Ricky Martin rip off. Fort Knox ensued a feeling of scepticism in me initially as it has barely any lyrics, yet now I think it’s one of the best gig openers for any artist in the world – it almost encapsulates that of what Breathe by Floyd did. The rest of the album is pretty good but nothing to shout about, I just loved that he had the balls to try something different in an avant-garde sense, at a time when the mainstream prerogative was screaming and convincing him to conform.

Expressing individuality over selling a shit load of albums, how often do you see that nowadays?

The woman on the album cover is his wife by the way, what a romantic.

  1. As You Were

Sorry but I’m forever Noel over Liam, song writing is the most important aspect of music in my opinion – which showed massively when the brothers went their separate ways. BE squandered whilst NGHFB excelled.

Wall Of Glass is one of the best songs ever to come out following Oasis disbanding, but it took over 10 people to write it – automatically putting it down in my estimation. I think he’s done wonders with his solo career, I love his music, but he’s no Noel.

Interestingly, if they played the exact same songs live, who would I enjoy more? Probably Liam, because he’s the better performer and entertainer. Personally however, it is not what I go to gigs for – it’s for the realism of song writing and the authenticity it projects.

  1. Different Gear, Still Speeding

Arguably the most difficult album to depict in terms of ranking, plenty of above average songs such as Four Letter Word, The Roller and Bring The Light. Simply however, they were just pretty good and nothing more, enjoyable more so as a post-Oasis reminiscence whilst lacking Noel’s composing instincts which previously was the band’s glue.

  1. BE

The quintessential reason why Beady Eye didn’t work out, it had an Oasis vibe with phenomenal songs such as ‘Flick of The Finger’ and ‘Second Bite of The Apple’ but the rest of the record was lacklustre.

Liam had given up, Andy Bell wanted back in with Ride, without Noel’s direction it just didn’t seem to click. I still haven’t quite figure out why, I don’t think Noel or Liam have either.

  1. Dig Out Your Soul

I’m Outta Time is the finest song Liam ever wrote whilst in Oasis, The Shock of Lightning was also rather brilliant, unfortunately the album personified an upcoming Oasis break up which followed soon after the album’s release – they lacked any of their previous audience resonance.

The tunes weren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but the rumours of Noel recording his parts solo in the studio as he refused to work with the rest of the band – became apparent. It could have been the start of something special if they stayed together and Liam continued writing, but it didn’t. Fruit was thrown across the dressing room or whatever, leading to Noel leaving forever – not even respecting the fans enough to finish the album tour.

  1. Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

It’s not a bad album at all, looking back now it seems like they’d kind of given up. Following the juxtaposition of each band member’s ideology after Be Here Now, this was always going to be mediocre at best.

Liam wrote his first song in Little James which is pretty shit. It still had two number one singles in Sunday Morning Call (another one Noel despises nowadays) and Go Let It Out which is class. Another of Oasis’ most severely underrated songs lives on this album also though, Gas Panic! Personifying all that was before, what was at the time and what Noel carried through to his solo career.

My favourite tune of all time from Oasis or either brother’s solo stuff if you were wondering? If it’s a track from the albums listed, Little By Little or If I Had A Gun. As we’ve ignored The Masterplan, it easily could’ve been Half The World Away from that one. Oh you’re also wondering if I think they’ll ever get back together? Not unless they’re skint, so right now, no, but potentially down the road – it’d never be the same as before anyway, just look at The Eagles.

When hell freezes over and what not.