My writing is usually full of opinionated concepts, this one is pure fact. After witnessing City annihilate Watford 8-0; it took me back to a point I’ve previously considered, in how the current champions seem to destroy teams in matches following a loss. Considering mainly the prem, most recently with that Watford game which was the game following defeat to Norwich. The Shakthar performance was great and responses outside the prem have occurred consistently when it’s the first game after losing.

It took 10 minutes of research for me to realise I’m probably right, not simply hammering teams but picking up massive results as a whole. Here are just a few starting with last season;

Lost 2-1 to Newcastle; beat Arsenal 3-1, Everton 2-0 and Chelsea 6-0

Lost 3-2 to Palace then 2-1 to Leicester; scraped the beating of Southampton 3-1 then essentially beat Liverpool 2-1

Season before that;

Lost 3-2 to United, beat Spurs 3-1, Swansea 5-0 and West Ham 4-1

Drew 1-1 with Burnley, beat Leicester 5-1 and Arsenal 3-0

There are an abundance of more examples, as well as some where we didn’t bounce back that furiously.

It’s hard to argue though in regards to how phenomenal this team are at bouncing back with resilience, this quote from Rodri before the Watford game suggests why;

“Normally when you get these matches, in the next one you kill the opponents.

So that’s what we’re going to do in the next match, we’re going to kill our opponents. Pep told us, this team isn’t allowed to lose, we have to win.”

It may prove irrelevant if Liverpool drop as few points as it appears they will, City vs Liverpool home and away might decide the title in the end.

Doubt Liverpool will want to play their title rivals if the blues lost in their previous game.