Discussing sponsorship deals alongside aspects of ownership within an abundance of football clubs is extremely difficult; this “in the know” nonsense displayed by fans towards transfers and such never stretches far, the majority of supporters whether lifelong locals or overseas die hards tend not to know much of their respective clubs’ inside operations.

As much as all supporters like to think they know what is going on behind closed doors at their clubs; realistically they have no clue, perhaps that’s a generalisation. It goes far beyond transfer rumours, the way in which an individual’s beloved club is run now commonly comes under scrutinty.

Take the hyperbole yet extremely relevant  points when referring to the Glazers and Sheik Mansour; in a commercial sense the Gla zers’ actions have always been undeniably astute, in a business sense it’s been almost genius-like. However they’ve faltered in progressive football terms, if compared especially in effectiveness to how their noisy neighbours have been run since the 2008 takeover – the difference is staggering. City remain slighty detached  from the big club status United hold, a fact considered irrelevant by City’s Abu Dhabi’s owners. City will struggle to ever overtake United in a commercial sense, do the City owner’s care? Woodward seems to have focused on that factor over footballing progression, the financial books may improve but they keep falling further behind their Manchester rivals who focus on all aspects of advancement.

When observed in an abstract sense, Manchester City almost emulated Manchester United in how they expanded their global branding. Despite it all being far more complex and deeper than this; City’s brand explosion targetted predominantly Asia then secondly Africa, worldwide appeal was the aim of course but the aforementioned continents had to be the focus – why though? Because that’s what Man United did, the two clubs widely known most worldwide are Manchester United and Real Madrid. Real had their Galactico’s whereas United won stupid amounts of silverware with players looked back on unfairly now, the best example being for me that many forget how unbelievable Darren Fletcher was.

Other relatable ideas


  • Discuss the effectiveness of player branding i.e. Ronaldo at Juventus, Pogba at United, mainly Beckham shipped off by SAF to Real after fergie decided Becks considered himself above the club etc. Possibly going back to the controversial Figo switch with Madrid/Barca – maybe even as far back as Kubala bringing Barca into the consciousness during the 50’s/60’s
  • Mike Ashley’s ownership of Newcastle, the idea of owning a club for profit despite it generally being a poor investment – see Roland Duchâtelet who has been trying to sell Charlton for a long time and believes EFL is corrupt
  • West Ham fans’ revolt against their owners last year, compared with their rather sound transfer window so far – effectiveness of fans? Bring up Dortmund boycotts
  • Arsenal never challenging for titles recently but being financially brilliant because of singing the likes of Nasri,Fabregas etc young and selling for a profit
  • Same with Spurs who until recent years refused to pay over 100k wages
  • Paddy power and Huddersfield promotional genius
  • Tourist fans’ affect and perceptions within the English game, worth discussing the scandalous City tunnel club stuff here
  • Are foreign tourist fans who are attracted to English clubs because of branding/marketing good for clubs or does it deter atmosphere/disenfranchise long time fans?