To quote Liam Gallagher when he was asked what 10 things do you hate the most and he responded with “Man United, I hate Man United 10 times” which matches my thoughts exactly. Despite that, I’ve said for years that De Gea is the best goalkeeper in the world and that there’s no argument against it. As painful as it was to say, it was blatantly true.

Last season De Gea single handedly won United over 10 points with his miraculous saves. Saves that you’d have to see twice just to believe he’d done it, he was that good. Then you compare that to his performances so far this year, it’s like watching a completely different player. Well, what’s changed that can make such a significant difference?

Jose Mourinho.

Nothing would please the blue side of Manchester more than Mourinho staying in charge of the Red Devils for the foreseeable future, which speaks volumes. David De Gea’s current attitude shares parallels with Herrera and Pogba, they don’t seem to care anymore. It may be a hyperbole generalisation to completely blame Mourinho; but if you conceptually consider how Spain’s number 1 may perform playing under a manager who instils confidence in him, rather than Mourinho who evokes negativity and demotivation – then you may understand my point of view.

Every single football club in the world would have David De Gea in between the sticks for their team, given the chance. He was the best keeper in the world and probably still is, irregardless of his current form. The mistake against Arsenal sums up the real issue here, which is his manager. It’s either; the Spaniard’s passion for the club he showed previously has evaporated, or he’s so terrified of retribution from his manager for not playing well leading to him not playing his natural game. He overthinks everything which messes with his phenomenal, conventional game.

All he needs is a comforting arm around him to be re-assured of his true quality. For that to happen, Mourinho needs to go. For De Gea to stay in the long term, Mourinho needs to go. Whilst the Portuguese remains, United will fall further into condemnation.

For me, long live Mourinho! Are you reading Perez? Bid, bid, bid!