If you consider conventional anarchist punk intertwined with mid 00’s indie, you’ll get a feel for the genre of music that The Tinfoils strive for. It’s an acquired taste; it’s different, it’s intriguing but most importantly it is thoroughly enjoyable. The music industry is crying out for an alternative band that this country can relate to and that is prevalent here, their lyrics that resonate with the youth of today as well as incorporating a Sex Pistols undertone which enables previous Punk subcultures to reminisce and reverberate.

George as the front man and lead guitarist acted like a seasoned pro on stage, his charismatic tendencies reminded me of a young Alex Turner – and not just because they’re both from Yorkshire. The way in which he projects his vocals is deliberately rough; a Strokes inspired emulation to produce a sound which appears as it’s still a demo.

The attention may focus predominantly on George but the chemistry he has with drummer Alex and bassist Will is what really makes the band excel. Both Will and Alex smashed out lengthy bass and drum solos respectively evocative of The Who, they were almost hyperbolic. Instead of being over the top they ended up adding a refreshing element to the performance.

The Tinfoils have nailed how they compose their live performances at such an early stage, the manifestation of their musical style and energetic live displays seem to just work. The main focus now needs to be the creation of a solid back catalogue if they want to succeed. The Manchester based band is certainly one to look out for in future years, in terms of success or at least a cult following.

Listen to their first single here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mccm-1yB0P4 It’s far from their best, just wait until “Walk On The Mild Side” is released.