One sentence per team in the top 8 and bottom 3 stating why I believe they will finish where I have predicted them to. Most points will likely become redundant throughout the season but each are what I think are essential to individual club’s success or downfalls.

City – If De Bruyne returns from injury before Christmas and instantly regains last season’s form; City will win it, Aguero getting over his past recurring knee problem and staying fit until May will also play a huge part.

Liverpool – Their front 3 is the best in the world; if they keep fit all season alongside Keita continuing his form, the Reds will challenge City right up until the last day and may even win it overall.

Those two finishing in the top two are what I’m most confident about this campaign; it could go either way, Liverpool have the better starting eleven but I have City first purely for their depth.

Chelsea – There are two reasons why Chelsea could win it this season which are Hazard and Sarri; Sarri is brilliant but if Hazard leaves in January it will become a race for the top four rather than challenging the two aforementioned North-Western sides for the league.

Man United (This the one I took longest on, so I’m cheating and suggesting two outcomes) – 1st; I believe the issue is Mourinho and that the quicker they get rid of him the better, the reasoning for this being that I think if Martial and Pogba played under Pep they would be World Class. 2nd; after speaking to many close mates who are die hard United fans I agree that the solution may also be keeping Mourinho but axing Woodward, this will all become clearer in January as surely Pogba or Woodward will go.

Spurs – Poch is one of the greatest managers in the world who does wonders with little resources; he’s astutely manifested a positive team etic among his team and if Levy gives him money to spend in January (unlikely) they could easily sneak into the top four.

Arsenal – Emery is phenomenal however it appears that it may take a year or so for him to get the team to gel; it’s why I initially predicted Arsenal to finish 4th but now have them at 6th, the promise of success is there but the inconsistency is already showing.

Everton – Their signings didn’t settle last season at all; but the chemistry seems to be improving amongst the squad game by game, albeit if they want to do well Richarlison must stay fit – he’s a gem.

Leicester – James Maddison has been one of the most impressive players so far this season or surprise starlets at the very least; he needs to continue his form if the Foxes want to push for Europe, moreover though the ex-Norwich midfielder is more of a creator meaning Jamie Vardy needs to once again start scoring the goals we all know him for.

Wolves – Don’t sell Ruben Neves  to City, it’s that simple with the West Midlands club if they want to finish in the top half.

Bournemouth – Eddie Howe is one of the most promising managers in English football; but his fluid footballing style has decreased in quality due to lack of quality improvement, keeping Howe in charge and conducting astute signings in January is pivotal if they want to survive.

Huddersfield – The West Yorkshire side are full of potential and have a brilliant manager at their helm; unfortunately they lack the quality required at this level as they failed to score in 21 out of the 38 games last season, I simply cannot see a big enough improvement for them to survive – I hope I’m proven wrong though as I have a bit of a soft spot for them.

Cardiff – Not even bothering making an effort here; Warnock cannot hack the Premier League and Cardiff’s side is so much weaker than the other 19 teams they’re going down – apologies to my Southern Welsh cousins.