The recurring conversation amongst City fans at the moment is whether Kevin De Bruyne is as good as our greatest ever player in Colin Bell.


The simple answer is no; albeit it’s not that straightforward, the real answer is not yet.

Judging on this season alone our favourite Belgian is naturally the best player I’ve ever seen in a City shirt. However; consistency is the key here, by that account you’d say David Silva trumps all as he has never not been brilliant since signing from Valencia in 2010.


That particular criterion is the defining factor which makes comparing Kev and King Colin unfair. It is not at all hyperbole to suggest De Bruyne won’t keep up this form and fade away into a “what could have been”. I pray that doesn’t happen, and I honestly don’t think it will, but we must wait a few seasons before making comparisons to a legend who has the West stand of the Etihad named after him.

The Citizens need to calm down in how we’re all hailing Ginger Kev as a god (I’m also guilty for this), as it may all go to his head. Although he genuinely doesn’t seem like an egotistical character in all fairness. He’s arguably the best midfielder in the world at the moment; but referring to the aforementioned point consistency is key, if he continues his phenomenal form for 3 seasons or so then we can compare him to Bell. So that’s the long and short of it; no matter how sensational he is now it must continue in the following seasons – remember form is temporary whilst class is permanent.

Chel KDB joy

Let’s hope the Flemish wizard remains in East Manchester for the long and doesn’t endure a career destroying injury like Colin Bell did – perhaps all goes well and then he will go down as the greatest ever blue since St Mark’s created our love in 1880. The party could be disrupted if our very own Phil Foden goes on to be the new King of the Kippax though, I doubt KdB would mind anyway – the fans certainly wouldn’t!

As Pep always says “I’m so happy” and so are we! Even more so if KdB retains these performances for successive years meaning he will be battling Aguero for a statue outside the Etihad – just remember to let him talk!