Palace sacking Frank De Boer seriously disappointed and genuinely angered me, even in this contemporary football
world where sacking relatively “successful” managers is fairly common. Chelsea parting with Di Matteo a year after
he won them a Champions League was criminal, don’t even get me started on Ranieri. Albeit Palace showing De Boer the exit door after just 4 games is on par with the above once you break it down.

The Dutchman’s departure denoted a huge step backwards in terms of aspirations; you cannot expect a coach who is known for his revolutionary tactics in Amsterdam and for creating an apex like legacy which has proven to accelerate the growth of youth players. M0reover; De Boer tends to impose such a positive team etic (akin to Guardiola’s current City side) ensuring his squad feel authentic, rather than a set of egotistical individuals. It shares parallels with the aforementioned point about Man City as before Guardiola took the reigns the team felt like an apathetic bunch of individuals. Pep seems to have created an eclectic culture meaning his players display exultant togetherness rather than the conventional fortification display across the country. I’ve witnessed it first hand at the Etihad for years; and it perfectly relates to the Eagles, it was obvious that the dressing room during the previous campaign was ludicrously disrupted, albeit who is to blame for that is a whole different issue.

Still, regardless of whether you sceptically approved of De Boer’s experimental tactics or despised all of it doesn’t change the fact that he inherited a Sam Allardyce squad.  De Boer’s appointment exemplified a desire for future glory, but the imposing task died and the Dutch coach left the club. The decision to release De Boer personified a lack of ambition as it showed how Palace prioritised avoiding relegation over building a framework that would improve Palace year on year. Revoking De Boer’s vision to manifest the Eagles into a future big club in favour of Hodgson screams a lack of aspiration, as it’s much easier to simply satisfy fans – rather than sending them into dreamland.

Where do they go from here, the Holmesdale faithful will forever be loyal regardless of what may happen. Let’s hope Roy keeps the Eagles up allowing them to carry on driving towards that Premier League stability, things will only improve from there – I just think they’ve chosen the wrong man to lead them.